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D.P. Prior was born in Eastbourne in the south of England, spent a few years in Australia, and now lives in Florida, USA. A former actor, musician, psychiatric nurse, personal trainer, and fiction editor, he now writes full-time.

Prior is a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai (Renato Tavares Association), as well as a member of the US All-Round Weight Lifting Association. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama, and has studied medieval history (focusing on the Crusades, the Knights Templar, and the Cistercians in England & Wales). He also studied for a masters degree in Theological Studies in Western Australia.

Influences include: David Gemmell, Stephen R. Donaldson, Michael Moorcock, R.E. Howard, Lin Carter, L. Sprague du Camp, Mary Doria Russell, G.K. Chesterton, Joe Abercrombie, and Bernard Cornwell.

D.P. Prior is represented by Laurie McLean (www.fuseliterary.com)

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