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For audiobook 8 of Annals of the Nameless Dwarf we’ve decided to try something a wee bit different.

Some of you might know, but decades ago, I used to be an actor (of sorts), and so I thought I’d have a crack at narrating an audiobook. I also do all the male character voices. The female parts are performed by Paula Prior and Cordelia Prior.

Post production, including incidental music, an original score, and sound effects, by Theo Prior.

Please have a listen to the two samples below.

I’m aiming to complete the audiobook by the end of the month.

Dead Dwarves Don’t Die will be published via Findaway Voices and available on all audiobook platforms.

If you would like to be added to the list of ARC reviewers, please email me at: derekpprior[at]

From Chapter 1: The wizard, Venton Nap, hurries through the fog shrouded streets of Scutsville.

From Chapter 6: The Nameless Dwarf enters a dwarven tavern in the afterlife.

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