Best Conflicted Protagonists in Fantasy

Conflict drives the tractor we call drama; conflict in the world of events, the obstacles to be overcome, conflicts in relationships, and conflicts within the characters themselves. Dial down the conflict, and we dilute the drama. It’s why my main characters are so flawed: a mass murderer dwarf who is the most amiable of companions and a hero to boot; a puritanical holy man who is the greatest killer of his generation; a lethal assassin who pines for his foster mother; and a self-mutilating, demon-possessed witch on her way to becoming… Well, I can’t reveal that without spoiling the forthcoming The Crucible of Her Blood.

A little while ago I was asked to compile a list of The Best Conflicted Protagonists in Fantasy for Click on the image below to see how it turned out. What would your choices have been? let me know in the comments.

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