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Birth of the Nameless Dwarf — new release from D.P. Prior

As a storm rages above the ravine city of Arx Gravis, a woman goes into labor. But this is no ordinary woman. She is Yyalla Thane, descended from the dwarf lords of old, and her child will fulfill a prophecy of hope and doom.
Birth of the Nameless Dwarf is a short story introduction to the saga of the Nameless Dwarf by international bestselling author D.P. Prior.
Birth of Nameless

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2 thoughts on “Birth of the Nameless Dwarf — new release from D.P. Prior”

  1. Although I consume dozens of audio and print books per year, this is my first book from DP Prior. I’m quite enjoying the story so-far, but struggling with the audio quality and will be asking Audible for my first refund. Some aspect the audio processing seems to be clashing with the wheezy narration (a nice engaging character choice), to produce audio that is a chore to listen to. Please engage with the audio team to see if revised post-production can improve the intelligibility. I will happily repurchase and recommend thereafter. Thanks!

    1. Hello Don. Which story does this refer to? Legends of the Nameless Dwarf: The Complete Chronicles?

      I’ve seen reviews that expressed dissatisfaction with the narration, but I wasn’t aware of technical issues as well. I will certainly look into it if you could please confirm which audiobook you had the problems with.

      Thank you!

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