Geas of the Black Axe Audiobook

The audiobook of Geas of the Black Axe is now available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. This second book in the Legends of the Nameless Dwarf series is narrated by Ian Fisher. Check out the sample at Audible to hear Ian’s perfect rendition of Shadrak!... read more

Ramblings of a Revising Writer

Spent the past two days revising the opening 8-9 chapters of both The Codex of Her Scars and Dead or Alive (Shadrak novel). At first I suspected Dead or Alive was too silly and irreverent and Codex too dark and serious, but my re-reading has given the lie to both... read more

Progress on Dead or Alive: Assassin’s Legacy book 1

Still working on the blurb, and the cover needs an endorsement, but here’s what I have so far: Shadrak should have known better. Stealing from one wizard on behalf of another was the sort of job he’d sworn never to take. But times were tough and grief had left... read more