New D.P. Prior Releases and Progress on Immortal

I’ve completed seven chapters of Immortal, approximately 40,000 words. Currently revising those chapters for the umpteenth time before moving on with the story. It’s shaping up to be a layered and massive epic fantasy with political intrigue, character... read more

Editing Services for Fantasy Writers

Editing Services Fees: Payment should be made either by direct bank transfer (details on request) or via Paypal to derekprior[at] (please add 2.9% if paying from the US or 3.9% if paying from outside the US) It is recommended in most cases that you begin... read more

New release: Assassins, Knights, & Dwarves

AMAZON KINDLE UNLIMITED An assassin known as “the Unseen” A man of prayer who is the deadliest warrior of his generation A dwarf with a bloody past, destined to be king From the imagination of D.P. Prior, “one of the most promising fantasy writers on... read more

Why I Don’t Read Fantasy (Unless I have To!)

I don’t read enough fantasy. Actually, I avoid it like ebola. The problem is, I write fantasy, and I also edit it. A lot of it. As with Sherlock Holmes, my mind is a cardboard box filled with whatever I happen to be working on, and there is simply no room for anything... read more

Dwarves in Fantasy and the Origins of the Nameless Dwarf

Dwarves in fantasy may be dour, beer-swilling, gold-digging troglodytes, but there’s no doubt about their importance in myth and folklore. In the Prose Edda, four dwarves (Norori, Suori, Austri, and Vestri) hold up the sky, and there’s even some scholarly speculation... read more

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