Review of Sandow the Magnificent by David L. Chapman

Those of you who have read Return of the Dwarf Lords will have been introduced to Ardo the Strongman, who engages in a bit of bent pressing with the Nameless Dwarf. Ardo is, in many ways, a tribute to the strongmen of yore, and especially to the great Eugen Sandow.... read more

The Codex of Her Scars: Sneak Preview #2

Snaith’s image of Tey forced its way to the surface once more. His still-point amid the chaos. So perfect it could have been mistaken for the woman sitting across the tumulus from him. Yet it was a false image. He’d never even suspected there was anything but virgin... read more

The Codex of Her Scars: A Blurb in Progress

THE CODEX OF HER SCARS (MOONSHINE AND HARROW BOOK 1) DEREK PRIOR SUFFERING IS THE DOOR THROUGH WHICH DEMONS ENTER Centuries ago, the Isle of Branikdür was mysteriously abandoned by the ruling Hèlum Empire. Ever since, rival clans have battled for supremacy at the... read more

Sneak Preview: The Codex of Her Scars

Here’s a brief excerpt from The Codex of Her Scars. No release date set at the moment, but as soon as I hear anything I’ll announce it here. A pinprick of crimson winked out of the darkness. Tey watched it, mesmerized. Such a tiny light, yet it consumed... read more

Ebook Sales Volume, Pricing, and Reviews

It takes a long time to produce a book, even longer to produce a series. It’s no wonder that many authors are reluctant to give their books away. Many, myself included, price their work relatively high based on what they think it is worth.... read more

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