Since 2009 I have been offering editing services to traditionally published and independent authors, including David Dalglish, Mitchell Hogan, M.R. Mathias, and Valmore Daniels (please see the full list in my editing portfolio below). I specialize in Fantasy, but from time to time I have worked on SF, Horror, Romance, and Steampunk.


Due to time restrictions and volume of work, I have to be selective about which books I work on. Generally this is determined by whether or not the book appeals to me first as a reader. It’s a help both to me and you if I am invested in the book and enthusiastic about its content. If I do not feel I can help with a particular manuscript, I will still provide initial observations and recommendations free of charge.

My rate for a high-end copy and content edit is $0.032 per word (a manuscript of 100,000 words would cost $3,200). I accept payment in installments: 50% at commencement and 50% when I have completed the edit. The manuscript will be returned upon completion of payment, fully marked up on the page, in the margins, and with an extensive report detailing problem areas and recommendations. Generally, I will need 6-8 weeks to complete an edit, depending on the length of the manuscript and complexity of the work required.

Often, there is a significant amount of revision for authors following an edit. I am available for advice via email, video/phone throughout this period. Should any passages need to be resubmitted for further editing, this would be at the reduced rate of $0.016 per word.

To query me about editing your book, please email the first three chapters to derekprior[at]yahoo.co.uk



David Dalglish (A Dance of Cloaks (Shadowdance series Book 1) – light copy edit; A Sliver of Redemption (The Half-Orcs Book 5) – light copy edit; A Dance of Blades (Shadowdance 2) – light copy edit; Night of Wolves: The Paladins 1 – light copy edit; Clash of Faiths: The Paladins 2 – light copy edit; A Dance of Mirrors (Shadowdance 3) – light copy edit; The Old Ways: The Paladins 3 – copy edit; The Broken Pieces (The Paladins) – copy edit)

M.R. Mathias (The Sword and the Dragon 2010 edition – proofread/light copy edit; The Butcher’s Boy – literary edit; Kings, Queens, Heroes, and Fools (Wardstone Trilogy) – Literary Edit; Cold Hearted Son of a Witch: 2016 Modernized Format Edition (Dragoneers Saga)– literary edit; Confliction Compendium – The First Dragoneer Saga Trilogy: 2016 Modernized Format Edition (Dragoneer Saga Boxed Set) – literary edit; Crimzon & Clover III – The Grog: Crimzon and Clover Short Story Series – literary edit; The Wizard and the Warlord: 2016 Modernized Format Edition (The Wardstone Trilogy Book 3) – literary edit; Through the Wildwood (The Legend of Vanx Malic) by M R Mathias (2013-03-13) – literary edit; Dragon Isle (The Legend of Vanx Malic Book 2) – literary edit; The Emerald Rider (Book one of the Royalty Trilogy): 2017 Modernized Format (Dragoneers Saga 4) – literary edit; Crimzon and Clover V – Killer of Giants (Crimzon and Clover Short Story Series Book 5) – literary edit; Saint Elm’s Deep (The Legend of Vanx Malic Book 3) – literary edit; Blood and Royalty (Book three of the Royalty Trilogy): 2017 Modernized Format (Dragoneers Saga 6) – literary edit; Paragon Dracus (Legend of Vanx Malic) – literary edit; The Far Side of Creation (The Legend of Vanx Malic Book 7) – literary edit; The Long Journey Home (The Legend of Vanx Malic Book 8) – literary edit).

Valmore Daniels (Angel Fire – Literary Edit; Forbidden the Stars – light copy edit; Music of the Spheres – copy edit; Angel’s Breath – copy edit; Worlds Away – copy edit; Earth Angel – copy edit; Angel Tears – copy edit; Angel of Darkness – copy edit; Seed of Creation – copy edit; The Wolven of Hunter’s Holler – content edit, proof read)

Sibel Hodge (My Perfect Wedding – light copy edit; Be Careful What You Wish For – light copy edit; Trafficked -light copy edit; The Baby Trap – light copy edit; Voodoo Deadly – copy edit); It’s a Catastrophe! – copy edit; A Gluten Free Taste of Turkey – copy edit; The See-Through Leopard – copy edit)

Keith C. Blackmore (The Bear That Fell From the Stars – light copy edit)

Moses Siregar (The Black God’s War – editorial comments and copy edit)

Felix Savage (The Incurables – copy edit)

Rex Jameson (Lucifer’s Odyssey – literary edit; Angels and Demons – light copy edit; Elves and Goblins – copy edit; The Goblin Rebellion – copy edit; Hallow’s Ween – copy edit)

Jason Letts (Suspense – light copy edit)

Rakesh Gupta (The Gunsmith’s Apprentice – literary edit)

Curtis Hox (Bleedover – copy edit; Red Sphere – literary edit; Repossession in Progress – literary edit; The Kafka Harrier – literary edit; Witch Fire – literary edit; Transmission – literary edit; Bottomland – literary edit)

K. Gorman (A Cat and a Meese – literary edit; Star-Eater – literary edit; Into the Fire – copy edit)

Chris Dietzel (The Man Who Watched the World End – copy edit; A Different Alchemy – copy edit; The Hauntings of Playing God – copy edit)

N. Gemini-Sasson (The King Must Die – copy edit; Uneasy Lies the Crown – copy edit)

Victorine E. Lieske (How to Find Success Selling eBooks – copy edit)

John Elwood (Rail City Chronicles – copy edit)

William Bakke (Landfall – beta read)

Mitchell Hogan (A Crucible of Souls – copy edit and proof read; full redraft edit; Blood of Innocents – literary edit; full redraft edit; Inquisitor – literary edit; redraft edit; A Shattered Empire – literary edit; redraft edit; Revenant Winds – literary edit first draft, early chapters; Tower of the Forgotten – literary edit)

J.R. Tomlin (A King Ensnared – line edit)

S. Nathan (The Falcon’s Eye – literary edit; redraft edit; The Ghost Who Burns – content edit)

Maximiliane Donicht (Mascherata – literary edit; redraft edit)

Michael Karner (Red Axe, Black Sun – literary edit; Love is For Tomorrow – Reunion – line edit)

Jessica Henwick (Beneath the Jade Throne – content edit)

Laurel Anne Hill (Engine Woman’s Light – literary edit; literary edit of revision)

Charla Hatch (Return to Avalon – First Five Pages Critique)

P.M. Prior (The Basement – literary edit; redraft edit; The House – literary edit; redraft edit)



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