Last of the Exalted

Last of the Exalted

Civil war.
Hidden hands that pull the strings.

And four unlikely heroes:

Caelin Claver, Wayist Priestess

War. Always she dreamed of war. Blood everywhere, and no hands as red as hers.

Shadrak the Unseen, Assassin

He’d lurked in the shadows of political society as long as anyone alive. Longer. A party here, a fundraiser there, public ceremonies, dodgy meetings. Shadrak never forgot even the smallest detail, and what with the gossip on the street, and his dealings with the wealthy merchants who bankrolled those in high office, it wasn’t exactly hard to put names to faces.

Nyra Sahtis, Skald

Her father had used every tool in his considerable arsenal to beat the human out of her and force her Slathian nature to grow. He’d been a monster, but now…. She tried not to imagine what secrets he might have brought back from Tho’Agoth. Hopefully, he never made it home alive.

The Nameless Dwarf, Once a King

What had started out as an overnight shelter in the Southern Crags was going to end up his tomb. The Nameless Dwarf had always known that. Something about the cave at the foot of a fissure reminded him of Arx Gravis, where he’d grown up. That was why he’d stayed a second night, then a third. Before he knew it an entire year had passed. One year turned into two, and after that his only measure of time was the greyness that crept inexorably into his beard.

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