Derek Prior Books Nameless Dwarf New Releases

New Edition of Dead or Alive released!

At long last, I’ve had a chance to revise Dead or Alive to bring it into line with the Annals of the Nameless Dwarf series. Now, the Nameless Dwarf books, along with Husk and Dead or Alive, all fit seamlessly together.

The assassin Shadrak the Unseen is down on his luck. 

He’d have to be to take a job from a wizard.

To make matters worse, the ring he’s commissioned to procure is stolen by an invisible thief, whose footprints lead to the city of Jeridium—where Shadrak is still wanted for an ages-old crime.

Soon enough, he learns that rival wizards will do anything to possess the ring, despite the sinister rumors that surround its creation.

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