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Review of Sorcerers’ Isle (Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars)

Review #1: Review by Caitlin Lyle Farley

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Caitlin Lyle Farley

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5 Stars

Reviewed By Caitlin Lyle Farley for Readers’ Favorite

Snaith Harrow is going to be a warrior. It’s in his blood and it’s what he’s trained and studied years for. The Wyvern tattooed on his chest by the clan sorcerer, Theurig, won’t change that, nor will the man’s repeated insistence that the Weyd have chosen Snaith to be his new apprentice. Snaith will demonstrate his skills during the proving ceremony and then he’ll ask permission to marry Tey Moonshine, his closest friend, and rescue the girl from a life of servitude imposed on her by her father. It all seems so certain to him, but Tey has kept the worst hidden from Snaith and everyone else for years. Self-inflicted scars map her skin with memories of suffering, a pattern of power that draws the interest of a shedim. Tey strikes a bargain with the shedim and puts her power to use, but the consequences change everything for Tey and Snaith.

D.P. Prior’s latest novel is a masterpiece. While I could easily commend Prior’s detailed world building, realistic characters, and highly evocative writing style, it’s the cohesion of these elements that’s impressive. Sorcerers’ Isle is the type of book that drags you in and unfolds in the reader’s imagination with imagery so vivid that you almost forget that you’re reading. Although Tey’s self-destructive tendencies aren’t sensationalist or gratuitous, I do feel it necessary to mention that readers who struggle with self-harming, suicidal thoughts, and anorexia may find these aspects difficult to read. The overall tone of this book is dark, but the more twisted side of my sense of humour found details like Tey’s knitting needle hilarious. Sorcerers’ Isle is dark fantasy at its finest, and fans of this genre will want to add D.P. Prior to their list of to-buy authors.


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