Tarzan, Silver Springs, Johnny Weissmuller: Writing The Codex of Her Scars


Suffering is the door through which demons enter…

I wrote some of this novel at Silver Springs, where they filmed the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies.
There’s a passage of description based on a boat trip past the site of Tarzan’s treehouse.


Other parts of the geography are based on Southern England and Florida.

No release date set at this point.

Here’s the blurb:

On the Isle of Branikdür rival clans make perpetual war, manipulated by a cabal of sorcerers whose only real power is deception and sleight of hand.

Tey Moonshine has suffered since she was a child. Longing for death, yet desperate to survive, she cuts herself, creating a network of scars to syphon the life from those who harm her. But the design she has marked herself with is under another’s direction. A disembodied evil has taken up residence in her bones, and steers her toward the fulfillment of its own purposes.

Snaith Harrow knows he will be the greatest warrior Branikdür has ever seen, and gives his all in preparation for the Proving, a tournament that will determine the course of his life. Once victorious, he plans to marry his childhood sweetheart, Tey Moonshine, but the sorcerer Theurig has other ideas.

When Tey and Snaith are maimed in a freak accident they are deemed worthless by their clan. Unable to fight or work, they are apprenticed to rival sorcerers who don’t necessarily have their best interests at heart. They must learn quickly, if they are to survive long enough to become sorcerers in their own right.

Plots are uncovered, scores are settled, and an ancient artifact is discovered that will draw the attention of the ruling Helum Empire and set into motion events that will confront Branikdür with its dark and sorcerous past.

Please address any queries about THE CODEX OF HER SCARS to D.P. Prior’s agent, Laurie McLean

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