What 2020 has in store

2019 was a busy year for me: lots of commissioned work plus the monumental rewrite and reissue of all the extant Nameless Dwarf material.

It’s always exciting to have new artwork from the great Anton Kokarev, and for this project he supplied six new covers. Anton also provided the cover art for the 6-book box set of Annals of the Nameless Dwarf, while the legendary Mike Nash did the covers for The Dark Trilogy and The Exalted Trilogy respectively.

Mike Carnes has begun narrating the entire series for audiobook. Book 1: Ravine of Blood and Shadow was released in 2019 and has performed very well. Book 2 is headed to retail, and book 3 is almost finished. We hope to have all six books out in audio format by the summer.

So, that’s it for the Nameless Dwarf?

Not quite.

I’ve also spent the past year revising a manuscript I finished two years ago–this has been it’s third major restructure/revision and I’ve lost count of how many minor revisions it’s been through. The book begins two hundred years after Annals of the Nameless Dwarf, and is likely to be called Last of the Exalted. It will mark the start of a new series called Return of the Nameless Dwarf. There are lots of hurdles to clear before I have a release date, but it’s likely to be sometime this year.

I’ve also been working on an as yet untitled novel featuring Dr. Cadman.

Throughout 2020 I’ll be focusing on the audio books of Annals of the Nameless Dwarf, the release of Last of the Exalted, more commissioned work, the Cadman novel, and a pair of very exciting co-written projects (to be announced).

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