First come, first served: Special Editing Flat Rate Price August/September Only

Since 2009 I have been offering comprehensive editing services for both indie and traditionally published authors (please see portfolio for all authors and books edited, and refer to my Linkedin profile for testimonies)

Just for the next two months I am in a position to offer a massive discount on copy edits to new clients. Rather than using the usual rate ($0.020 per word), which often results in editing costs of $1500-$2000, I will be accepting a select number of books for a copy edit at a flat rate of $500.

The terms are as below:

1. Manuscript should be edit-ready, by which I mean you should have read and revised at least your first draft and made it as good as you can. If the manuscript is not quite ready for the editing stage, I will inform you that I will not be able to work on it at this point.

2. Manuscript should be sent as an email attachment in Word or Pages format.

3. Word count must be less than 100,000 words to qualify for the flat rate edit.

4. The offer is on a first come, first served basis. I anticipate taking only the first ten manuscripts that meet the criteria above.

5. I will return two copies of your manuscript: The first will show all the changes I have made using “track changes”. The second will be a clean document with all the changes accepted/made by me. You will be able to compare the documents, should you wish to check or reverse any changes to the finished copy.

6. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your completed copy edit.

7. Note: This is a copy edit only. There will be no comments on/changes to story, characterization, pace etc, which would be addressed in a content edit.

To book your flat rate content edit for $500 now, send me an email at derekprior[at]yahoo.co.uk and attach your manuscript as a Word or Pages document. If I feel your manuscript meets all the criteria listed above, I will invoice you via PayPal for $500 (I will meet the PayPal fee of between 2.9-3.9%).

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