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Nameless Dwarf Update

I’m 1/3rd of the way through revisions of book 3: Curse of the Black Axe. So far I’ve fully revised book 1: Ravine of Blood and Shadow, and book 2: Mountain of Madness. I intend to have all 6 original Nameless Dwarf books revised by mid-late October.

I’ve written two chapters of book 7, planned book 8, and have written the first draft of book 9.

The current situation is that we are negotiating with various publishers to see if they would like to publish the reboot plus the three new novels. It’s a long process but the response has been positive so far. Once I have more definite news I’ll post here.

Ideally I would like the books to be released sequentially at three monthly intervals. We are looking to sell audio, print, and ebook rights.

On that note, the original ebooks, print, and audiobooks have now been removed from sale pending the reboot.

While I’m revising the books for the reboot, I’m also working on an entirely new series with new characters. Currently there are two novels planned, with room for more. I aim to have book one ready for editing by the end of October, and will be looking for a publisher by the end of the year.

Other news: Once A King is still out there in publisher land, waiting for the first batch of editors to feed back.



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  1. Hah! I’m sorry, Justin.

    The problem for me was that the four novels that made up the box set were released under a storm of pressure to meet publishing deadlines. Books 1-2 were written at break-neck pace and there was insufficient time for a full series edit. When I pulled the series form consideration by main stream publishers, some of whom were saying single race books didn’t sell, I cut my losses and self-published what I had, and to my delight I found that single races (dwarves in particular) sold very well.

    When I decided to pull the Nameless Dwarf audiobooks a few months ago due to issues with the narration, I saw that as an opportunity to revise the entire series as a whole and to get back to finishing the entire story arc. It also meant I had more time to consider titles that better reflect the stories and don’t turn off readers (I have had emails from readers complaining that they don’t know what “portent” means, or “geas”, and so I’ve made some changes to help with this sort of thing. The language throughout has been simplified similarly and many of the threads left over from the Shader series have been removed so that the focus is squarely on Nameless.

    So, this is no minor revision: it’s a total reboot. I will, however, mention where applicable, “Previously published as…” to help avoid confusion.

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