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New Deal Announcement: Sorcerers’ Isle to AUDIBLE STUDIOS

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a very nice deal with Audible Studios for the production and publication of SORCERERS’ ISLE, the first book of THE SHADOW CYCLE.


While we also had print and ebook offers on the table, the Audible deal was by far the most attractive, and I’m really excited to be working with them. Given Audible’s unparalleled promotion, I was loathe to relinquish audio rights to anyone else. I hope to have a release date soon. The ebook and print versions will be released at the same time as the audiobook, and the ebook will be available as a pre-order from Amazon very soon.

Thanks to my agent Laurie McClean of Fuse Literary for negotiating the deal.

I’m working on several commissions at the moment and still making good progress on IMMORTAL, which I hope to have ready for editing during the first quarter of 2018. I’ll then be moving on to books 2 and 3 of THE SHADOW CYCLE.

LEGENDS OF THE NAMELESS DWARF: THE COMPLETE SAGA audiobook continues to sell extremely well and has several times hit the number one slot in its category on Amazon. Props to the narrator Bob Neufeld for all the hard work he put into this recording. It’s paying off! The ebook also continues to sit high in the rankings. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy, and please be sure to leave a review!

In case you missed it, here’s the blurb and cover for SORCERERS’ ISLE. Narrator for the audiobook to be announced shortly.


Sorcerer's Isle - Full







Centuries ago, the Isle of Branikdür was mysteriously abandoned by the ruling Hélum Empire. Ever since, rival clans have battled for supremacy at the bidding of their sacred sorcerers.

During the once-a-year armistice for the Festival of Proving, the gifted warrior Snaith Harrow aims to leave his mark in the fight circles before marrying his childhood sweetheart. But following a freak accident, he discovers a terrible secret about the girl he loves:

Tey Moonshine is a daughter of suffering, and she has fallen prey to the things that stalk the netherworld. Under the influence of a demon that hides within her marrow, she gouges a magical codex into her flesh, believing it will make her the greatest sorcerer the isle has ever known.

Maimed from his accident and no longer able to fight, Snaith is apprenticed to the clan sorcerer, Theurig, and Tey is sent away from the village.

As Snaith is thrust headlong into a sorcerer’s world of misdirection and control, Tey must master the darkness that possesses her, if she is to stand together with him against the coming storm.

For the ripples of forbidden magic have roused the sleeping might of the Hélum Empire.

War is coming.

A war the clans can never win.

And the fate of Branikdür lies in the hands of a warrior turned wizard and a deranged girl who grows more deadly by the day.


Sorcerers’ Isle is a shocking tale of dark fantasy from international bestselling author D.P. Prior.

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