Once A King by D.P. Prior (draft blurb)

I’ve almost finished with the revisions of Once A King. It’s off to test readers first and then to my agent. In the meantime, here’s my first attempt at a blurb:


(A Feud of Shadows book 1)

Tul Turic was a hero among the Brigantir.
A legend.
A king.
But after the tragic loss of his wife, he stood down from the throne of Dinas Dreknar and went into the mountains to die.

Thirty years later, there’s a new king on the throne, and the Brigantir are a dwindling race on the brink of civil war.

When the army of Dinas Dreknar storms across the mountains, refugees flee for their lives, among them Nyra Sahtis, witch, whore, and singer of tales; and Brother Baynon, a priest who was once a trainer of armies.

But with the capital, Jeridium, under siege from a second Brigantir army, there is nowhere for them to run, and so Baynon must appeal to the powerful ruler he once betrayed, while Nyra is forced to confront everything she left behind when she fled her childhood home in Tanuk Ur’ Zadim, the City of Sorcerers.

As rival Brigantir forces target the city, Jeridium’s Senate send the rogue Neb Caul into the mountains to find a former friend who may yet avert the coming catastrophe.

For old evil stalks the shadows, and the Brigantir are not themselves. And if there is any hope of bringing them to their senses, it comes in the shape of an ancient warrior and his mythical sword:

Tul Turic.
The hero of legends.
The man who was once a king.

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