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Just to prove that I don’t just sit at my desk all day writing made up stuff under the influence of Amanita Muscaria, I’ve set up a YouTube channel called Priory in the Woods, which chronicles my journey into self-succificiency: foraging for mushrooms and wild plants; growing vegetables; raising animals; off-grid power; home gym (and training progress!) and anything that penetrates our bubble of seclusion in the wilds of North Carolina.

Please subscribe and comment as much as you like. We are basically learning as we go, and I’m sure some of you might have helpful suggestions! But as we work things out (and we’ve done a lot of working out already) I hope some of you may learn something useful and perhaps be a little inspired.


Welcome to Priory in the Woods, where you can watch as I reclaim the acre of land around my house from the woods after decades of neglect. I’ll be putting up fences, planting crops, introducing animals, and foraging for wild plants and mushrooms. My aim is to become progressively more self-sufficient. When I’m not outdoors blundering about in the dark, I’m writing fantasy novels to support myself. If you’d like to take a look (please do!) you can find my books at Please comment and enjoy. I try to read all the comments!

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