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Progress on Sorcerers’ Isle 2

It’s been almost four years since The Codex of her Scars was published. Four pretty frustrating years for me, and for those of you who have wanted to see where the story goes.

I hadn’t reckoned with the craziness of the publishing world. I assumed publishers promoted the heck out of the works they pay for, but alas that is often not the case. In the case of Codex, other than finding the perfect narrator in Steven Pacey, the publisher has done nothing. Codex is barely visible on Audible, and after all this time has only 121 reviews. Sales figures are middling at best, due to absolutely no promotion, and royalties… oh my goodness, I had no idea how much publishers cream off the top. If I had independently published Codex, I’d have made thousands of dollars, based upon the sales it’s had (plus I would have been able to promote the book myself– a Chirp audiobook deal, if I published through Findaway Voices, would have been massive, no doubt). Instead, I get next to nothing.

You live and learn.

If not for a contractual obligation to give the publisher first refusal on any sequels, I might have finished the series by now, but I’ve been searching for alternatives to this dismal state of affairs.

Finally, I’ve decided to go ahead with the ebook and print versions of book 2, and I’ll deal with the audiobook issue when I get to it.

I’m currently working on two Nameless Dwarf novels, City of Tombs, and a ghost writing commission, but I’ve manage to squeeze Sorcerers’ Isle 2 into my schedule. I already have a first draft for the opening scene, and it feels good to be back in Branikdur and rediscovering They, Snaith, and Pheklus the Clincherman.

I’m hoping to have a cover design to show you in the near future.

Meanwhile, please check out book 1: The Codex of Her Scars. It’s certainly pretty grim in places, but it’s probably one of my best books to date.

It’s currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, but if you prefer print, the hardback edition is absolutely gorgeous!

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8 thoughts on “Progress on Sorcerers’ Isle 2”

  1. Getting ready to buy Book 1 but want to know if there ever will be a book 2? I see there’s an Kindle Novella that looks to take place after Book 1. Is that the whole book 2 or just short stories between the 2 books? Sorry to hear about your dealings with corporations, they sure like to make being an artist hard. Kind of what I like about podcasts, most of them avoid the overhead and crazy rules.

    1. Thanks for your message. Book 2 is currently being released episodically on Kindle Vella (there are 11 episodes out at the moment). Once all episodes have been published I’ll be releasing the ebook, print, and audiobook versions. I had to go this route due to so many other commitments. By working on an episode at a time I can dedicate the right amount of time to the story and not feel I have to rush it. Thanks for your support!

  2. Unfortunately homunculous books doesn’t seem to ship to the UK. Is there any other websites that I could try?

    I look forward to the sequel and I will be checking out your other series.

    Thank you for writing a superb book.

  3. Absolutely loved listening to the audio book, I will definitely be buying a hardcopy of the first and any sequels. Is there anywhere I can buy the books to make sure you get the most money out of it as it is well deserved.

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