Ramblings of a Revising Writer

Spent the past two days revising the opening 8-9 chapters of both The Codex of Her Scars and Dead or Alive (Shadrak novel).

At first I suspected Dead or Alive was too silly and irreverent and Codex too dark and serious, but my re-reading has given the lie to both suspicions. Codex is really starting to come alive–both the characters and the setting. Two more setup chapters to write then it should start writing itself. And Dead or Alive (bearing in mind I’ve had a short break from it) came across as funny and fast-paced, easy to get immersed in. Two completely different styles of book, but both moving in the right direction.

Note to self: What is the purpose of writing them both?

1) To entertain
2) To pay the mortgage

Anything else is literary nonsense.

Dead Or Alive - Mock 1

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