Sneak Preview: The Codex of Her Scars

Here’s a brief excerpt from The Codex of Her Scars. No release date set at the moment, but as soon as I hear anything I’ll announce it here.

A pinprick of crimson winked out of the darkness. Tey watched it, mesmerized. Such a tiny light, yet it consumed all her attention. Nothing else existed.

She pushed herself away from Snaith, before he had a chance to reject her. The red light called to her, and she went to it, lurching across the empty space. She could hear Snaith following—the soft tread of his boots, the faintest rasp of his breath.

For four hobbling steps, all she saw was the red light, the all-pervasive dark. Another step, the scuff of her bad leg following, and then a second light appeared, this one green, blinking at twice the rate of the red. A whir and a click, a racing hum, and one after another, tiny lights winked into existence: violet and blue, amber, silver, golden, each radiating a hazy corona, touching, connecting, melding into one startling, brilliant burst of white. Tey shielded her eyes against its blinding flare. When she looked again, it had settled back into a living, vibrant, sheen.

A sheen in the shape of a hand.

She continued toward it, and she saw it rested upon a bony knee. A skeletal arm extended away from the hand. Closer still, and she made out a form seated upon a throne of copper. Even closer, and she could see it wasn’t human.

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