Whatever Happened to Deacon Shader?

I won’t say too much in case you’ve not read Templum Knight book 4: The Archon’s Asssassin, but let’s just say things were looking extremely grim for our hero, Deacon Shader by the end!

Templum Knight was originally planned to be a 6-book series, but the entire project was sidelined when I acquired an agent who wanted me to focus on other things. It looked for the longest timeas though Shader would languish in the Abyss and that I would never complete his tale. Books 5 and 6 were eventually abandoned, and that seemed to be an end to Shader.

But then I was hit by a succession of inspirations to write more of my Nameless Dwarf stories. The original series had ended with 6 books, but within a few years it had grown to 9. I thought that was it, but then another bolt from the heavens struck and I had a story for book 10: Lurker’s Gate.

And this is where we get to see what happened to Shader! 

More than that, Lurker’s Gate reveals why there are two versions of the events recounted in Shader books 3-4 (one from Shader’s point of view, and in his world; the other from Nameless’s, in an altogether different world). 

At long last, the Templum Knight and Annals of the Nameless Dwarf series converge, which was the plan from the outset, and all I can say is that the direction Shader and Nameless go in surprised even me! 

As for who and what they are up against…. Let’s just say it doesn’t get any tougher.

If you’re new to Annals of the Nameless Dwarf, don’t worry, you can easily drop straight in at book 10, Lurker’s Gate, especially after reading Templum Knight. But of course, I’d love for you to read the entire series!

Happy reading!

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